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Today’s hospitality industry is changing more rapidly than ever to address both external market influences and new guest needs. As we enter this “New World of Hospitality,” we must each understand not only what evolving industry conditions mean for operating a safe hospitality business, but also how we can continue to live up to our promise of knowing what guests want from a hotel experience and making sure that services cater to those expectations exactly.

Blurring the Lines Between Physical and Digital Hotel Security

The hospitality industry is certainly no stranger to security risks. Statistics in fact indicate that more than 53,000 crimes take place within hotel guestrooms. At the same time, however, hoteliers are also having to remain vigilant against the growing threat of cybercrime. An issue that has resulted in at least 16 billion records containing sensitive data being lost to theft since 2019, cyber-attacks can cause untold damage to a hotel’s reputation and can lead to a significant increase in liab...

Protecting Your Hotel Guests and Staff From Physical Safety Risks

It goes without saying that a hotel’s top responsibility towards any who enter its premises is to guarantee a safe and secure environment. However, despite increased industry focus, crimes taking place within hotels are still a recurring issue that places the safety of guests and employees at risk.  From theft and assault to human trafficking and even murder, hoteliers can easily find themselves having to deal with the fallout of crimes carried out at their property, ruining not only reputations...

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