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Keeping Pace With the Evolving Capabilities and Potential of Hotel Mobile Keys

Since being introduced to hospitality-based businesses, mobile key technology has become a symbol that for much of the industry, represents the ultimate in enhanced guest convenience and instant service. Countless major hotel brands and independent properties alike have endeavored to incorporate the solution into their own operations in order to cater to the two thirds of guests now seeking the ability to gain guestroom access using personal devices as a secure digital key.

Discovering the Key to Overcoming Hotel Resource Issues Standing in the Way of Streamlined Operation...

Staff shortages may be the hotel industry’s most discussed challenge in recent months, but the topic can also be viewed as part of a larger issue where businesses overall are having to do more with less. With other concerns such as rising inflation and interest rates joining the staffing woes of hoteliers, many industry businesses are finding that keeping up with ever-increasing guest expectations is a struggle seemingly beyond reach.

Bridging the Gap Between Hoteliers and Guest Needs

Today’s hospitality industry is changing more rapidly than ever to address both external market influences and new guest needs. As we enter this “New World of Hospitality,” we must each understand not only what evolving industry conditions mean for operating a safe hospitality business, but also how we can continue to live up to our promise of knowing what guests want from a hotel experience and making sure that services cater to those expectations exactly.

How Tech Integrations Became Hospitality’s Greatest Priority

As the hotel industry continues to deal with reduced rates, sub-optimal occupancies, and a reduction in amenities and services, adopting an integrated systems approach is becoming more of a necessity in order to maintain operations that meet guest satisfaction expectations. Following the spread of Covid-19, hoteliers have greatly increased investments in technology in order to reduce expenses and increase efficiencies. With fewer employees helming a property and less room for errors, hotels are ...

Protecting Your Hotel Guests and Staff From Physical Safety Risks

It goes without saying that a hotel’s top responsibility towards any who enter its premises is to guarantee a safe and secure environment. However, despite increased industry focus, crimes taking place within hotels are still a recurring issue that places the safety of guests and employees at risk. From theft and assault to human trafficking and even murder, hoteliers can easily find themselves having to deal with the fallout of crimes carried out at their property, ruining not only reputations ...

Discovering the Keys to Hotel Business Success With Technology Integrations

In today’s complex and fast-paced hotel environments, technology integrations and interoperability are not just part of an ongoing trend. They are now more than ever proving essential to ensuring heightened hotel business performance and the meeting of modern hotel guest expectations. According to a Smart Decisions Guide, as many as 91 percent of hoteliers view having highly compatible technology as key to success in improving property performance. Today, although many industry professionals con...

Understanding Hospitality’s Increased Adoption of NFC-based Mobile Keys and Digital Wallets

Since their inception, digital key solutions have become a mainstream technology within the hospitality industry, thanks to the enhanced contactless convenience it provides to both properties and guests. As with virtually all technologies, the way digital key services function and the features it offers continue to evolve, keeping pace with new industry trends and guest experience expectations. Today, hoteliers are seeing growing enthusiasm among their industry peers for the adoption of Near Fie...

3 Benefits of IoT Technology in Hospitality

In today’s digital world, connectivity and personalization are vital to modern consumers. With the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing for real-time connections between devices and people, adapting smart, interconnected technology is more important than ever for hoteliers striving to meet guest needs. This is a well-recognized need within the industry. In fact, 70 percent of hospitality executives report that they have active IoT projects, well above the average 48 percent of executives in other i...

Placing Your Guests in Control of their Hotel Experience With IoT

The way that hotels provide services is without a doubt rapidly transforming both in light of advances in technology and as guests continue to expect more from their stay experiences. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of online connectivity as consumers become accustomed to the instant convenience and personalization advantages that the growing presence of IoT technology provides.

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