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Bridging the Gap Between Hoteliers and Guest Needs

By Tommy Leung 9. November 2022


Today’s hospitality industry is changing more rapidly than ever to address both external market influences and new guest needs. As we enter this “New World of Hospitality,” we must each understand not only what evolving industry conditions mean for operating a safe hospitality business, but also how we can continue to live up to our promise of knowing what guests want from a hotel experience and making sure that services cater to those expectations exactly.


The steady adoption of IoT-based technologies are already proving themselves to be highly valuable tools in a hotel’s ability to instantly tailor amenities to suit each guests’ preferences. In a survey by Zebra Technologies for example, 66 percent of guests responded that their hotel stay experience improves when the latest in guest-facing technology is made available. Now a common feature in many a guestroom are smart thermostats and lights that can be pre-programmed to suit individual guest comfort levels. From eliminating front desk check-in wait times to tracking the precise real-time location of amenities, IoT platforms are also providing the opportunity to streamline operations in a way that enhances efficiency, reduces costs and meets with guest demands for greater convenience.


Yet we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what IoT has to offer properties in terms of increasing guest service personalization, operational efficiency and hotel revenues. According to the Reports and Data research firm, smart technology will continue to expand in the hospitality sector by 24 percent from 2020 to 2026.The next few years will undoubtedly see many exciting new advancements in IoT that will only expand our capability to provide each guest with what they believe a perfect hotel stay experience should be.

As we launch our “New World of Hospitality” blog series, be sure to check back for new posts that analyze the latest IoT trends in meeting guest expectations and in running a more efficient hotel operation. Industry readers can also look forward to receiving a sneak peek into what IoT technology advancements lie just around the corner in the years to come.New call-to-action

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By: Tommy Leung

Based in Hong Kong, Tommy is responsible for strategizing and coordinating ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions efforts throughout the APAC region for the hospitality market. Having served with the company for more than 33 years, Tommy holds decades of experience in ensuring that customer security needs are fully met using the latest in technological innovation. Tommy has also held other notable roles within the hospitality industry, including working with Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

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