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Rising global temperatures and the spread of natural disasters continue to lead to louder calls for all businesses to take environmental issues seriously. The hotel industry accounts for about 1% of the global carbon footprint and is happily stepping up to the challenge of reducing its impact on the environment. Many corporations have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative and set impressive reduction commitments, including of course net zero by 2050.

A Hotelier’s Perspective on Achieving Success in Sustainability

Enjoy this months blog, which is a guest entry written by Bruce Redman Becker from Becker + Becker No industry has been left untouched by the global environmental crises and hospitality is no exception. Each year seemingly brings more instances of mass heatwaves, droughts and out-of-control wildfires that are leading growing numbers of consumers to question the ecological impact of their purchase decisions. Just recently published is yet another survey indicating that 65 percent of business trav...

What Does Sustainability Really Mean for Today’s Hotel Industry?

Sustainability is a word that has been used extensively in hospitality circles over the past decade and is often regarded as no more than an industry buzzword that defines the environmentally friendly practices of a lodging operation. However, the term has evolved exponentially in recent years to include a range of operational areas that bring social and economic policies together with the environmental impact an organization has on its community, as well as the planet. Together, these areas for...

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