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Rising global temperatures and the spread of natural disasters continue to lead to louder calls for all businesses to take environmental issues seriously. The hotel industry accounts for about 1% of the global carbon footprint and is happily stepping up to the challenge of reducing its impact on the environment. Many corporations have joined the Science Based Targets Initiative and set impressive reduction commitments, including of course net zero by 2050.

Tapping into the Power of Hotel Asset Management for Enhanced Efficiency, Cost Savings and Responsiv...

If one thing can be accurately predicted for the hospitality industry’s future, it is the inevitable rise in guest expectations for ever faster, more convenient and seamlessly personalized service. Yet at the same time, hotel operators and their teams are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver the higher quality experience their guests are seeking out. With more amenity offerings becoming available in order for industry businesses to stay competitive, hotel operations if anything have beco...

What the Rise of Bleisure Travel Means for Hotel Operations and Technology Adoption Strategies

With global market performance now back in full swing for much of the hospitality industry, it can be easy to assume that business is back to normal with the pandemic now behind us. Although for those who aim to stay on top of industry trends, the more accurate observation is that while guest bookings have returned to the industry in force, traveler preferences, needs and expectations have undoubtedly been impacted by the pandemic and continue to evolve in new and potentially promising direction...

A Look at What’s Next in Hotel Security Technology

The hotel industry is constantly evolving, and with the rapid advancement of technology, security measures are also undergoing significant transformations. As potential safety risks continue to increase in both number and ingenuity, industry solution providers are on the front lines of developing new technologies while improving older ones in order to provide hoteliers and their guests with a vital edge over would-be intruders.

Artificial Intelligence 101: How New Advances are Shifting the Hospitality Technology Landscape

Keeping Pace With the Evolving Capabilities and Potential of Hotel Mobile Keys

Since being introduced to hospitality-based businesses, mobile key technology has become a symbol that for much of the industry, represents the ultimate in enhanced guest convenience and instant service. Countless major hotel brands and independent properties alike have endeavored to incorporate the solution into their own operations in order to cater to the two thirds of guests now seeking the ability to gain guestroom access using personal devices as a secure digital key.

Discovering the Key to Overcoming Hotel Resource Issues Standing in the Way of Streamlined Operation...

Staff shortages may be the hotel industry’s most discussed challenge in recent months, but the topic can also be viewed as part of a larger issue where businesses overall are having to do more with less. With other concerns such as rising inflation and interest rates joining the staffing woes of hoteliers, many industry businesses are finding that keeping up with ever-increasing guest expectations is a struggle seemingly beyond reach.

Staying a Step Ahead of Human Traffickers Targeting Hotel Industry Businesses

With Human Trafficking Awareness month recently taking place in January, the hotel industry continues making progress on highlighting and combatting a global issue that ruins lives and jeopardizes business reputations. Organizations such as the AHLA have made it a priority to spread awareness on the issue and provide aid to human trafficking survivors, with major brands such as IHG Hotels & Resorts making substantial donations towards the effort. Others such as Marriott International have la...

Social Engineering – Securing the Weakest Link in Your Hotel's Strategy

In today’s digitalized and hyper-connected business environments, having the appropriate security measures in place has become a basic requirement. Yet whether operating a large-scale resort or a small boutique property, having the most advanced security technology in place ultimately means little if human employees can unwittingly serve as a backdoor loophole.

2022 in Review: Taking Another Look at the Technology Trends Reshaping the Meaning of Hotel Business...

After facing two years of uncertainty thanks in large part to COVID-19, hoteliers in 2022 were finally able to return to some sense of normalcy and begin to see market conditions improve. Yet far from being a matter of simple luck, the pandemic if anything demonstrated the industry’s ability to come together and innovate in order to overcome challenges brought on by the pandemic.

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