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Richard Eastburn

Richard Eastburn
Richard serves as Senior Director & Head of Product Management for ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. Based in the UK, Richard maintains a focus on developing effective business strategies able to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of the global hospitality industry. Over the course of his career, Richard has successfully helped hotel groups deploy new systems, software, and mobile access technology in time-constrained projects and in a manner that addresses the latest market expectations.

The hospitality industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with hoteliers shifting more and more towards relying on digitalized technology and services in order to enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiency. Pushing this trend is the fact that modern travelers are looking for more than just a comfortable bed and a clean room; they want a convenient, personalized and safe hotel stay able to mirror their growing preference for a mobile and IoT-enabled lifestyle.

What the Rise of Bleisure Travel Means for Hotel Operations and Technology Adoption Strategies

With global market performance now back in full swing for much of the hospitality industry, it can be easy to assume that business is back to normal with the pandemic now behind us. Although for those who aim to stay on top of industry trends, the more accurate observation is that while guest bookings have returned to the industry in force, traveler preferences, needs and expectations have undoubtedly been impacted by the pandemic and continue to evolve in new and potentially promising direction...

Windows 7 end of life: Modernizing your hotel access management system

The Microsoft operating system Windows 7 is dead. Are you operating on overtime? This situation calls for a necessary upgrade that also may make it easier to understand the need for future-proofing your hotel access management system.

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