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Looking Back at the Leading Hotel Technology Trends of 2021

By Charlotte Mattsson 21. December 2021


The beginning of 2021 started much the same as where 2020 had left off- hoteliers grappling with the impact of COVID-19 found themselves continuing with the struggle of regaining guest trust to finally experience a rebound in booking rates. Yet as 2021 progressed, industry professionals were by no means lacking in new ideas and technologies designed specifically to overcome hospitality’s latest challenges.

As we look forward to a promising fresh start with the beginning of a new year, be sure to take a look at a breakdown of our most read blogs in 2021 to discover the industry’s best practices and technology trends that are continuing to prove essential to ongoing recovery efforts:

The Future of Travel and Hospitality in 2021, 2022 and Beyond


Guest hotel stay preferences and expectations have shifted dramatically over the last couple of years, but what new trends are here to stay and what will the future guest experience look like in 2022 and beyond? From increased collaboration among hospitality businesses and governments to the adoption of end-to-end contactless experiences and a rise in domestic-based travel, see what hoteliers need to keep top of mind as they position their businesses to achieve maximum success in the years to follow.

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The Hotel Managers' Guide to Vaccine Certificates


Industry professionals and government agencies have gone to great lengths to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including the development of various vaccine certification programs. However, hoteliers are now tasked with understanding the intricacies of how certification initiatives function to ensure compliance, while ensuring that guest experiences continue to be seamless and convenient. Learn the ins and outs of vaccine certificate initiatives to guarantee hassle-free integration with existing operations and to provide today’s guests with the enhanced peace-of-mind they now routinely expect.

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ID-Verification, Vaccine Passports, and More: Combatting Common Concerns

ID-Verification Vaccine Passports

The rise in demand for mobile-enabled experiences such as ID verification, digitalized vaccine passports and contactless services has left many hoteliers wondering about the potential cyber security implications that such new technologies may represent. From shielding guest information from data breaches to ensuring compliance with medical privacy laws, find out how technology providers are now able to address the industry’s leading cybersecurity concerns.

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Cloud-Based Security:
A Guide to Protecting Your Property against Ransomware


Increased health safety isn’t the only factor on the minds of hoteliers in their goal of providing guests complete peace-of-mind. With cybersecurity attacks such as the use of ransomware continuing to represent a growing risk for hoteliers, discover how the industry’s leading technology providers are continuing to spur innovation in data security with solutions that can always keep pace with the latest threats.

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Increasing Hotel Security with Cloud-Based Solutions


Take a deeper dive into how cloud-based hotel software is providing hoteliers with the ultimate means of protecting their business and guests against ever more sophisticated cyber attacks. From understanding the full scope of what security enhancements cloud-based solutions can offer to identifying which platforms should be top of the investment list for any hotelier, gain the latest insight into how your property can make the most out of moving operations into the cloud.

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